February 19

Improve the Shifter Feel of the Logitech G25 and G27

This is a mod for the Logitech G25 and G27 shifter. The images below are of a G27 shifter, but the procedure is the same for the G25. This Logitech shifter mod will improve the sound and the feel the shifter has when it is put into gear. From the factory, the Logitech shifter has a hard plastic stop when it is placed in gear. This plastic-y sound is not realistic and really makes the shifter feel like a toy. This mod will change that sound and will even provide a little give or a small cushion when the gear is fully engaged so it doesn’t feel like you are going to break it if you push the shifter to hard or too far.

Begin by removing the plastic cap from the Logitech G25 or G27 shifter. Do this by gently prying up and wiggling it as you do. The cap should release. If you force the cap off, the plastic fingers can break, so be careful.

The next step is to remove the shift knob from the Logitech shifter. Using a #2 Phillips screwdriver, remove the screw in the center of the shift knob. The screw may not full come out, but once you feel the screw has come off the threads, the knob should slide up and off the shaft. The knob will not rotate like on an actual car.

G27_shifter_mod4Next, remove the 6 hex head screws that hold down the shift boot bezel. These screws thread into plastic so do not use excessive force. They are metric screws so you will need a metric Allen hex wrench to remove them. Once all 6 screws have been removed, the bezel and boot should slide up and off the shifter. The boot is glued to the bezel from the factory and should not be separated.
Now you can take the loop side of an adhesive-backed hook & loop fastener set (otherwise known as Velcro). In this case, the strip was cut down to about 1/2 inch wide with a pair of scissors. You can do this if you cannot find this stuff in a narrow enough strip.

Carefully apply the strip to the inner lip of the Logitech shifter opening as shown in the photo to the right. Be sure to bend it tight into the corners so it does not bunch up. Make sure the shifter engages into every gear including reverse. You will notice that the plastiky sound is now gone. When you shift, there should be more of a quiet thunk and should sound much less like a toy now.

Re-assemble the shifter in reverse order. When the shift boot is put back on the Logitech shifter, make sure the boot is not down in the way of the shifter. Put the sifter in all the gears once again and make sure they all engage. If everything operates correctly, slide on the shift knob, tighten the screw that hold it in place and snap the cap back on.

Well, that’s it, your done! Your shifter should have a whole new sound and feel. It should feel more like the shifter in a real car. The lever should now have a small amount of give when its in gear rather than a hard plastic stop. Enjoy your new Logitech G25/G27 shifter.

We have also put together a video demonstrating this mod.

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