March 23

How to Install the RealGear Wheel Upgrade on the Logitech G27

RealGear Wheel Upgrade

As you probably know, there are lots of aftermarket wheel adapters available to put a real aftermarket wheel on a Logitech G27 gaming wheel. They are all pretty simple and do an adequate job, but I felt I could do better. I found several weaknesses with the existing offerings. For starters, most wheel adapters are fairly thick to accommodate the original screws that come with the G27. Secondly, the steering wheel mounted buttons are lost in the process. Lastly, to get the paddles to work with the larger aftermarket wheel, they have to be replaced with larger ones which have to be purchased separately. I decided to design a complete kit that was designed to work together. I created an adapter that is thinner than anything currently on the market. By making it thinner, it keeps the wheel closer to the base and minimizes wobble in the wheel. I created the adapter to be large enough to have 6 low-profile push buttons mounted to it and they are wired back to the original G27 electronics so not only is all the wiring concealed and tangle-free, but it makes the buttons operational with the PS2/PS3. The wheel itself is a Grant wheel selected for its size, weight, and overall look and feel. The paddles are unique as well. They are a 2-piece design with built-in adjustability. There are 2 positions fore and aft and 6 positions left to right for a total of 12 possible positions. This permits the user to place the paddles in the ideal position so they work for any size hand, even if you prefer to gloves while driving. There are many more details such as a wheel center cap, recessed areas for button labels and an included sheet of 154 pre-printed labels to personalize the wheel. Take a look at the installation video to see how easily the whole thing goes together.

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