January 30

About Ricmotech

Welcome to Ricmotech™, home of the most vigorously designed racing simulators ever built. We can confidently say this because every aspect of our simulators is analyzed and optimized to extract the highest level of performance and realism possible. We build more than just a frame that holds the steering wheel in place. Our racing simulators are designed and engineered to put you in the driver’s seat of a high-performance car. From the design of the simulators themselves, which are designed to look like they are in motion by incorporating automotive styling cues, to the way every component is selected and calibrated to provide the driver with the most realistic racing experience in the industry. Most recently, Ricmotech has begun making upgrade kits and sim-racing gear available to the sim-racing community which was previously only available on turn-key racing simulators.

Ricmotech was created by Frank Rico, a gearhead, designer, engineer and fabricator. After discovering sim-racing several years ago, he proceeded to build a complete simulator using his knowledge and skills to replicate the real racing experience as closely as possible. Frank found himself constantly looking for ways to improve the experience. He soon discovered that he enjoyed creating ways to improve the experience more so than the sim-racing experience itself. Thus, Ricmotech was born. Ricmotech has become a conduit through which new ideas materialize and become fuel for more ideas to come. The philosophy behind every new design is to replicate the real racing experience. Most often you will find Frank in the workshop experimenting with new designs rather than sim-racing online. Sim-racers that know Frank consider him to be their chief mechanic, always working on the next big thing.

So whether you drive race cars on the track and are looking to improve your reaction times or you are a racing enthusiast that wants to get as close as possible to the real experience, a Ricmotech™ racing simulator is the only way to achieve it. This is why we say “This ain’t your kid’s racing game!”

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